GBP not showing?

A client has set up his GB profile but when he types into Google Ringfence it doesn’t show up. If he types in or ringfence solutions it does show. What is he doing wrong for the word Ringfence not to bring it up? Any suggestions welcome. Many thanks. Rx

He’s probably fighting other things that are called Ringfence? search:


Ringfence search:

I would think it’s an SEO/Ranking issue. The client doesn’t have a hold of the word “Ringfence” so google is serving up what it thinks people want to see when they search “Ringfence”

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@maria any thoughts?

@eternalkaz thanks for that, is there anything he can do to help the situation? Rx

Well, building up his SEO/Relevance to the topic is all he can really do. Create content around that etc.