๐ŸŽฅ Future-Proof Your Marketing: Key Social Media Trends and Strategies from Jack Appleby

In this video, Jack Appleby, the brain behind the Future Social newsletter, gives a masterclass on the trajectory of social media and its role in modern marketing. Ditch the guesswork and get schooled on the strategic marketing plays that will set your brand apart.

Youโ€™ll learn:
:dart: The definitive social media trends reshaping marketing
:hammer_and_wrench: Practical strategies for impactful social media presence
:rocket: Tips for leveraging social growth for tangible business outcomes

00:00 Introduction and Podcast Announcement
02:15 Meet Jack Appleby and Future Social
05:30 Whatโ€™s Next in Social Media Marketing Trends
09:15 Social Media Strategies for Business Growth
13:50 Q&A with Jack Appleby