From Facebook Community to Besties (Jeremy Linaburg)

Jeremy Linaburg

I am all about learning, growing, and getting to know as many people as possible on the internet.

As social media managers, it’s our job to encourage and foster digital connections. I love growing relationships to the point that I’d call you a “bestie.”

One of my favorite ways to talk and connect with people is through Facebook Groups, which just so happens to have recently launched some new engagement options.

Here are three new features to create those bestie friendships:

Community chat channels

I always look for the latest celebrity gossip or the next big social media app scandal. But I have to be honest—I want a place where I know my friends will tell me what’s really up.

Community chat channels are an excellent place for friends to collaborate and build tighter relationships in real time. These conversations can be spontaneous and take place both in Facebook Groups and in Messenger.

For example, if you are in the “Kardashian Fans” Facebook Group and your BFF drops a quote from an Instagram post, you can quickly open up a chat channel and spill the real tea.

(Don’t be ashamed of being in the Kardashians group; I love Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney’s drama!)

Sometimes, my dramatic typing doesn’t quite capture how I feel, so we have to move to audio…

Community audio channels

If you are anything like me, you can’t always convey your enthusiasm via writing. The best is when you can use your voice to add emphasis to what you’re talking about.

Community audio channels are an excellent feature for those on the go, or those who prefer hearing their community’s voices.

The fun part about this feature is you can jump in and out of the conversation in real time. Note, these are different from Live Audio Rooms because the space is always active.

While it was nice messaging about the latest Kim and Pete drama, it’s even better to create an audio channel where we can get down to what’s going on.

(By the way, did you know that Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are married? The proposal was adorable!)

You aren’t the only one interested in what’s happening with Kourtney and Travis, so let’s hear about another great Facebook Group feature…

Community feed channels

Social media managers are social! We like making sure our entire community is engaged and having fun. The new community feed channels feature will allow Admins to organize their besties around topics that pertain to the bigger topic directly.

For example, in our Kardashian Fans group, we can have suggested feed channels for “Khloe’s Second Baby,” “Pete & Kim Gossip,” or “Kardashian Memes.” These different community channels will allow you to have deeper conversations with people interested in those specific topics.

(I would be hitting the “Khloe’s Second Baby” feed channel, because I seriously thought she and Tristan were over. Like, what?)

Building a robust digital community is established by showing up in your group and provoking conversations. It’s nice to push out that Facebook post or create that community post, but the real fun begins when you can establish bestie relationships with people in smaller settings.

I challenge you to get into your Facebook group and see how many connections you can build using these features. Use these features for two weeks and then get back to me in the comments; I would love to know how many connections you have made!

Happy connecting! :slight_smile:

Jeremy Linaburg @linaburgjeremy
I get my best ideas underwater! I love people, swimming, social media, and marketing. It’s not uncommon to swim a few miles and think about my next Instagram or Twitter post. I believe social media and digital marketing bring the world together and that the right message at the right time has the power to change the world. Let’s create content together that promotes positive change!
I am passionate about community building, social listening, and community engagement across all social channels. I love and interact with the internet culture daily and possess a deep understanding of how people digest and engage with social content. I have experience tracking and reporting metrics, creating data-driven content strategies, and managing a content publishing calendar with multi-level approvals.
When I am not working, I spend time coaching swimming, helping in our local youth group, and hanging out with my beautiful wife, whom I co-founded Wholesome Media.

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Have you used any of these new Facebook Groups features yet?


@linaburgjeremy I have not used any of the new features! (hangs head in shame). I am in-between-communities, making some changes in my client portfolio and community management tasks. How do you like these new features and are you using them all?!


I think they are great! I am building out these new features in two Facebook groups that I help manage. So I will let you know how it goes!


I’m so surprised by that, @dorien — Facebook Groups are so your jam! (Though I know you’re more of a LinkedIn gal nowadays!)
I haven’t even encountered any of these features; I’ve gotten so uninvolved in Facebook lately. But I’m making sure my husband reads this, since he admins a couple of groups!