Finally saw this on Twitter -- the down vote


yes i have had it for a couple of weeks- but now we only have the up arrow and i would like to be able to use :heart: over arrow which to me ir like saying “push this up” and not – i agree or I love



This is what I see today – so you’re saying now you see an up arrow instead of the heart @fiona1 ?

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ah wait - heart on first comment but arrow after - and i’m sure i used to be able to heart other comments - unless i’m having a “moment”


oops should have blurred - just grabbed first thing i saw as i’m off to bed!

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isn’t it interesting how we can have completely different views and functions and still call it Twitter @fiona1

also my view on mobile is just like this image

Mine has been SO inconsistent!

The first time I had it, it was within the brand-new Twitter Spaces Chat feature, which opens up a new conversation tweet thread—I had it there but not for regular tweets on my timeline.

Since first spotting it, I’ve had it for some tweets and not others—I don’t just mean different Twitter sessions, I mean within the same timeline scroll I’ll see it available on some and not others! Strangely buggy rollout.


I’ve also seen those same issues @christine Very buggy roll out. I thought that only happened on The Facebook :laughing: :laughing:


sure is - very buggy !