File Sharing Tips?

Hey everyone! I’m having a major frustration today as I’m trying to get some images & videos downloaded onto my phone that a client shared with me through Google Drive.

Typically I can just download straight to my phone from the Drive app, but for some reason, this time when I go into IG to create a Reel with them, the videos don’t show up anywhere. I’ve tried downloading them so many different ways with no luck.

I’d love to know if people use an easy file sharing app with clients that make it easy for images and videos to download straight into your phone’s photos app without it ending up in weird places that aren’t accessible on IG.

Would love any feedback!

I can’t think of any but maybe some of our @Instagram_Experts have an idea.

One thing I’ve found out that can be done for photos that don’t show up on Instagram for some reason is to go see them in your gallery - then click the “Share” button. Then send it to Instagram through the share options. It’ll take it then for some reason, even if it doesn’t show up in the IG gallery. Although I would think that only happens because its not a format that IG takes?

What type of file extension was it?

Sorry it took me so long to answer, I saw it earlier but was not able to reply.

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Hi @awilson … sorry you’re having such a frustrating time! It’s one of the things about technology… it works really good until it doesn’t. I share video with my video editor via Google Drive as well and so far {fingers crossed} it has not been an issue.
I know my partner and I are both on Macs so we like to share photos & videos using our Camera Roll and Shared Albums. This way it is always in our camera roll when we go to do a post.

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No worries! It was just a few jpg and .mov files. I could share from my camera roll to IG, but because I was creating a Reel with a few different clips, when I went to add another clip in, I couldn’t access them. I’ve had the issue in the past, but I always seemed to find a work around until now. I’m hoping it’s just a glitch, but it did make me realize I need a better system!

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Was the video coded in h264 or h265? both can be contained in an MOV file and maybe that causes issues as well :thinking:

I suppose tho that “Insta wants reels done within the app” vs putting the clips and jpg’s together in something free like Davinci Resolve and then just uploading that MP4 into insta might be a question to answer.