FB Advertising Manager - Nursing School Prep Testing service

I have a client that needs a FB Advertising Manager. She is the president of a Nursing School Prep Testing service. She had someone running her FB Ads previously and it was a roller-coaster ride for her.

She needs someone with a strong background and current experience running ad campaigns. This would be an ongoing position if you are a good fit for her and she is a good fit for you. I am running her LinkedIn campaign. I have done several courses with Andrea back in the day but I know my skills are not up to par with what she needs.

Please respond if you are interested. Please share this info with others who fit the description of what she needs in a FB Ads manager. Thanks!

Hi @lisa5 thanks for posting! We’ve got a nice group of FB ads people in the community. I’m sure you will find people who are interested. How would you like for them to contact you? email? or message you here?