Favourite tools for monitoring community engagement

Hi there - as more and communities gather away from Facebook groups to Discord , Mighty Networks, vanilla, slack etc - What are people finding to be the best tools for measurement as most of these alternatives have rather limited analytical tools.

Love to know what folks are doing

What kind of analytics would you be looking at in Discord?

The server insights seem to be pretty decent. Although it is limited to community servers who have 500+ members.


Picture from FAQ:

There seem to be bots that can track things in Discord that the Community Insights do, but unsure how accurate and privacy focused they are.

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Yes there are a few bots and one community i am in is currently working on one. Im wanting to learn what tools people use across all types of community or are they using manual things like surveys ?

What is your favourite platform
and tool Kaz?

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I suppose because I don’t manage big communities or the like yet I have not used a lot of tools. My favorite platform is X, probably will be for the foreseeable future. Although I lack a lot of the features it used to have, I loved TweetDeck.

I don’t mind manual things if it’s a small enough community. It may make them feel more cozy vs a cold bot.

@communifi sorry missed your earlier tag! I’m getting most of my reporting from the backend of Discourse. We have custom programming done to show the numbers we want. Makes it super easy!

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that’s sounds super interesting - would you mind privataey emailing me a sample of the reporting ? i’d love to see how it works (understand if you need to black out the numbers ) ? Thank you!

I find X to be lacking something - the little bird that told us always was on the pulse of everything - now my feed is very different and the non stop ads within a feed are very annoying. I’ve had unsolicited adult content in my feed - X seems to be getting x rated in parts. I miss Twitter that was vibrant .

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