🎥⭐️ FAQ: What Should Business Owners Delegate First? (Lee Goff)

Lee Goff

Lee Goff of MarketingAgencyCoach.com discusses how businesses should begin delegating.

1. Automation

Every business and agency owner should think about automation as the first line of defense. There are amazingly powerful CRM cloud-based tools available that allow you to automate a large portion of your prospect nurturing, new client onboarding, accounting, and so much more.

2. Administrative Assistant

Delegate as many of the non-revenue producing tasks as you can get to an administrative assistant. Keep in mind when hiring for this position, it is best to think of the future growth instead of the daily tasks. My first executive assistant eventually went on to become my CEO, and is now the majority owner of my first agency.

3. Whatever You Hate Doing

By far, the most important position you should delegate is what you hate to do. If you’re an old sales dog, find an operations person; if you’re an operations person, find a sales dog. Find someone who compliments your weaknesses, and always hire people who are smarter than you are.

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Okay, people…what it’s the main thing YOU want to delegate?


for me…I hate doing billing and finances! This year I updated my financial software and things are a bit better…but still my least favorite thing!

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After years of instantly deleting any and all approaches from people offering me lead generation services, I may actually be delegating lead generation for my Christine Gritmon Inc. business, simply because my attention is over here now & I’d like my consulting business to basically just involve me showing up and doing my thing on occasion!