🎥⭐️ FAQ: What is Google Business Profile? (Maria Elena Duron)

Maria Elena Duron

In this Google Business FAQs series, certified Grow with Google educator Maria Elena Duron answers our burning questions about Google Business Profile.

Google Business Profile used to be known as Google My Business. It is a tool that will help you manage your information—including hours of operation, business description, and products and services—so that it’s correct across Google Search and Google Maps.

Any business that is local is eligible to utilize Google Business Profile. You could be a storefront or a brick and mortar, but you don’t have to be. You could also be a home-based business who’s serving the local area.

Let’s say your business has a warehouse that’s not customer-facing, or you only do business at your office by appointment. All of that still makes you eligible to use Google Business Profile. A lot of people believe that they can’t use the profile if they don’t have a storefront or an office front, but you can suppress your address and make sure that it’s not published while still showing that you service the area.

Let’s say that you’re a skin care representative for an organization that’s based in Dallas, Texas. If you work in another area and people are looking for somebody locally, they can now search and find you. You can identify the area that you serve either by city, by zip code, or by county.

Google Business Profile’s super power is in keeping it very, very local. I see way too many people try to make it nationwide, but there are other tools for that. Google Business Profile is very local-focused.

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Most don’t understand the power of this tool for their local marketing efforts and how it can amplify what you’re doing on social. Only 26% of business have a Google Business Profile posting strategy. The opportunity is “ripe for the picking.”

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