🎥⭐️ FAQ: Twitter Reach & Engagement (Madalyn Sklar)

Madalyn Sklar

Twitter expert Madalyn Sklar gives us her insights on how to get more reach and engagement on our Tweets.

There’s lots you can do to get more reach and engagement with your tweets. Here are a few of my favorite tips:

Great imagery

Whether it’s a professional photo, a great video, or—my personal favorite—one of my own custom GIFs, I’m a big fan of letting my personality shine through with imagery that captures those moments i’m trying to share when I’m talking in my tweets.

I love using my own custom GIFs of doing a thumbs up or waving to let people get to see me and know me a little better through that imagery.

Thumbs Up GIF-downsized_large

Video replies

This is one of those features no one really does or talks about enough!

Years ago, when video replies first became available for the mobile app, I started experimenting with this. When replying to a tweet, why not point the camera at myself and say what I want to say?
Why not have three or five seconds of me and give them part of me where it’s personalized for them?It’s a phenomenal way to boost that engagement and reach and to become unforgettable.

There have been so many people I’ve met through video replies; years will go by and I’ll meet them in person and they’ll tell me they still remember that first video reply I did for them and how it made them feel.

Twitter lists

Create a list of popular accounts—so if you’re keeping a pulse on social media, you might have a list of top social media sites and influencers. These accounts probably have large followings. Monitor their tweets and find conversations to jump into, so when you’re replying to their tweets, so are maybe 20, 30, even a hundred other people—which puts you in front of their engaged audience and can boost your reach and engagement.

Before you venture into any of these strategies, take a screen shot of your analytics on desktop. On the left side navigation, click on “more” and you’ll see your analytics, with a 28-day summary at the top. Take a screenshot, experiment and try different things for a week, two weeks, maybe a month, do another screenshot and compare and see if you’re seeing a boost in your engagement or reach so you can gauge what’s working for you.

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