🎥⭐️ FAQ: Twitter Followers (Madalyn Sklar)

Madalyn Sklar

Twitter expert Madalyn Sklar explains how to attract more followers to your Twitter account.

Huge follower counts on Twitter aren’t as big an issue as they were in the past; now it’s more about the engagement and the conversations we’re having on the platform.

But, ultimately, we all still want followers; so, what can we do?

Be Active

You’re not going to get followers unless you’re consistently showing up on Twitter—I recommend daily—and jumping into conversations.

Don’t make Twitter a one way street; if you’re just pushing out content and that’s all you do, you won’t see your follower count go up. You need to be actively engaging with people.

Put your tweets out there—you can even schedules some, so you can cover a range of hours in the day—and then go in and spend time looking at things like trending topics and conversations you can add value to. Before you know it, you’re meeting all these new people that can help get you new followers.

Twitter Lists

By creating Twitter Lists, you can curate your own Twitter feed.

Let’s say you’re interested in keeping your eye on the pulse of everything social media. Set up a Twitter list (you can make it private or public) with all the different publications you like, top influencers, etc.

Create a list of just those accounts and you can bypass all the noise of Twitter and focus on that one list and find all the information you’re looking for and also find conversations to jump into. This way, you’ll get exposed not just to those people, but to their followers as well.

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@madalynsklar Thanks for the reminder to go to Twitter and be active! :sweat_smile: I used to be so so active and have quite a following yet I keep forgetting to go and have conversations. Something to elementary, yet it makes so much sense. Will try to attend one of your chats in the near future to get me back into the swing of things!