🎥⭐️ FAQ: LinkedIn Profile Tips (Judi Fox)

Judi Fox

In this LinkedIn FAQs series, Judi Fox, a LinkedIn expert and Social Media Advisory Board (SMAB) member, answers our burning questions about how we can best leverage the LinkedIn platform.

What can I do to improve my LinkedIn profile?

Banner image

Treat it like a highway billboard: you want to give people the biggest bang for your buck for what’s going to happen and drive traffic to the next thing.

Creator mode

Turn that on because creator mode is going to get you access to a 30-second promo video, right where your profile picture is; that is gold. People are going to watch that 30-second video and you get a chance to introduce yourself, tell people who you are and what to do.

Bell feature

There’s now a feature where you can ring someone’s bell on their profile so you get alerted every single time they post. You want people to turn it on for you, and you want to turn it on for accounts and clients that you want to be more connected with and great business partners that you want to have in the future

That is your business. That is your opportunities. So you’re going to want to turn that bell on for those opportunities.

Featured section

That is where people can easily be sold or click through to your opt-in or get a chance to circle out to your best piece of content on the platforms that can get to know you more. You want to leverage two to four maximum featured links right there.

Judi Fox @judiwfox
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Judi Fox is a Top 10 LinkedIn Coach for 2021 in Yahoo Finance. With over 18 years experience in business development and sales, Judi Fox developed the LinkedIn Business Accelerator Method.