🎥⭐️ FAQ: How Do I Get Reach on LinkedIn? (Judi Fox)

by Judi Fox

In this LinkedIn FAQs series, Judi Fox, a LinkedIn expert and Social Media Advisory Board (SMAB) member, answers our burning questions about how we can best leverage the LinkedIn platform.

What does the LinkedIn algorithm want; how can I get better reach for my posts?

First, try to not chase the algorithm, because it’s always going to change.

When it comes to the algorithm for every platform, are people touching your posts? Are people doing and taking one action?

The first action I always tell people to want to get more of is people clicking on the “See More” on your post. If they’re not clicking on that, they cannot like it. They cannot share it. They cannot send it. They cannot do all the commenting. You want people to click on that.

Then you want people to ultimately share your content. If your content is getting the biggest reach you can get, it’s because other people are talking about it, other people are sharing it, and naturally you’ll end up getting likes and comments.

So if you want to be seen in the algorithm and in the newsfeed, your priority is See More, then the Share button. Likes and comments tend to ride along that wave of being shared.

Judi Fox @judiwfox
:star2: Social Media Advisory Board Member
Judi Fox is a Top 10 LinkedIn Coach for 2021 in Yahoo Finance. With over 18 years experience in business development and sales, Judi Fox developed the LinkedIn Business Accelerator Method.

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I recently began a LinkedIn Newsletter that has already seen great results for me. I like the idea that my subscribers get notified when I publish newsletter content. The reach and engagement on these has far outperformed any “regular” posts I have done in the same timeframe.


LOVE THIS Eddie and agree! The Newsletter feature is a great way to be seen by the people who want to see your content and newsletters are more easily shareable to places like Twitter and Facebook, which means the reach can go beyond LinkedIn. Finally we can embed content like podcasts and YouTube video’s and they are SEO searchable and show up in results on google search, which means the content on LinkedIn is even more evergreen. :blush::fox_face: Newsletters for the WIN!


1,000% agree, Judi. Cheers!


Judi, I didn’t know LinkedIn Newsletters could do all of that! Love it :heart:


So can I copy my client’s newsletter and put it in his LinkedIn Newsletter?

I publish LinkedIn Articles for a client and we now have the newsletter option available. I’m wondering how people manage the content for them…

I just published an article, but it’d also be good as a newsletter. Should I just do it twice? Once as an article, once as a newsletter? Or are people creating entirely new content for it? Any guidance on type of content that’s good for them would be great!

Thanks for the question @stephanie2 - You don’t have to publish it twice. A newsletter IS the delivery system (i.e. way to get subscribers) so that way people will see the ARTICLES (the content) on the platform. All you do is keep creating Articles and click that you want to now publish them underneath the newsletter, which delivers your article to subscribers. 1 Newsletter, can have 100’s of articles published underneath it. :slight_smile: :fox_face:

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Yes @phylliskhare that is a great way to create content for your Newsletter. There are many people repurposing content from their old or current blogs / website newsletters and publishing them on LinkedIn.

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