🎥⭐️ FAQ: How Can I Create A "Quality Of Life" Agency? (Lee Goff)

Lee Goff

Lee Goff of MarketingAgencyCoach.com discusses how to build an agency that also values quality of life.

It all starts with making the decision to lean in to quality of life instead of go big.

Prior to the pandemic, everybody was, “Go big or go home; I want a 7x or 10x return when I sell.”

Post-pandemic, everybody just wants to have a healthy agency: seven figures, probably 1.2-2 million, that generates 30+ percent profit—but, most importantly, only requires them to work 35, 40 hours a week.

You do this by investing in the team around you, by having a hyper-focused target audience, and having that value-based product line. By having the value-based product line that you sell to a precise target audience, it takes dramatically less time to deliver the products. Therefore, you can hit your revenue goals and your quality of life goals.

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