🎥⭐️ FAQ: Does Organic LinkedIn Strategy Impact LinkedIn Ads? (AJ Wilcox)

AJ Wilcox

In this LinkedIn Ads FAQs series, AJ Wilcox, a LinkedIn advertising expert and Social Media Advisory Board (SMAB) member, answers our burning questions about how to advertise on LinkedIn.

How does LinkedIn organic play into advertising performance?

Will putting in some sort of a concerted effort into your organic presence help your ads?

Well, yes and no; there’s a light connection there. But here are two ways to make the most of a good organic presence when advertising on LinkedIn.

Social proof

The biggest connection between your organic company presence and advertising is that all of your ads that are in the newsfeed—we call this “sponsored content”—will display your company name, logo, and number of followers on your company page. So if you’re a newer company or a smaller company, it can be important to spend some time organically trying to get more followers because you want that number to be in the thousands. If you’ve only got a few company page followers, people who might have otherwise been willing to convert may not know if your company is real or reputable. So make sure you’ve got those social proof signals.

Personal connections

A little bit of a hack: when working with a CEO or an industry evangelist or someone who’s put a lot into their personal profiles on LinkedIn, you can go in and export that person’s connections down to a CSV, and then you can upload that CSV into LinkedIn ads as a group of people to target. Because those contacts already came from LinkedIn, they’re going to match at a really high rate.

You can then show ads that mention these industry evangelists, these VIPs who have already put a lot into connecting with people, by name, and all their connections are going to think, “Oh, we know this person. We like them. We’re going to engage with that ad!” This can get your ad costs way down.

AJ Wilcox @aj1
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LinkedIn Ads pro, founded B2Linked.com, a LinkedIn Ads-specific agency. He’s managed over $150M in spend, official LinkedIn partner, host of the LinkedIn Ads Show podcast. Utah, USA.


Oh, some great tips here! Especially the part about social proof. [The same can be said for FB ads and FB organic. One of my clients snagged a $30,000 consulting contract b/c her FB page was active (with organic posts from me!)] Thanks for the info @aj1


Way to go, @dorien! I love success stories like that! So glad we got to hang out a teensy bit at Inbound!


I’m sad I didn’t get to hang with you more at #mpb2b last week, @aj1 —wish I’d gotten a Social Media Advisory Board group pic with you, @cspenn , @jenn (who I didn’t see at all!), and @mike.allton !

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Agreed! That would have been BOSS! I got to see Mike, but I didn’t get to spend much time as I had a quick flight. Next time fo sho!