🎥⭐️ FAQ: Connecting Google Business Tools (Maria Elena Duron)

Maria Elena Duron

Maria Elena Duron is a certified Grow with Google trainer.

We asked her what other Google tools connect with Google Business Profile.

Google Business Profile connects with Google Analytics and it connects with Google Ads—and that’s important, because Analytics tells you how people are acting on your site. It’s giving you a glimpse of the way your customers behave, whether they’re shopping, if they’re looking at checklists, downloading information, or reading about your mission.

Maybe they’ve entered their information into the contact form and you’re considering that a conversion event that’s happening on your site. It will let you know that in Google Analytics, but it’ll also let you know where the source medium actually comes from. That’s why I like to attach Google Business Profile, to see how they’re traveling through there. I like to put tags in there to see what they do afterwards. I always look to see where did they actually come from—especially with ecommerce sites, did they go to Facebook for that last social proof and it was the last lift that you needed before they actually purchased?

By connecting Google Analytics to Business Profile—just like any of your other platforms that are giving visibility and either nurturing at top of funnel, middle of funnel, or bottom of funnel—you can see how they’re behaving, and now you can strategize the best way to be there for the customer as they’re going along their decision journey.

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This is some really great information, @maria! Thank you so much for sharing all of this. Folks need to stop underestimating their Google Business Profiles!