🎥⭐️ FAQ: Company Pages (Judi Fox)

Judi Fox

In this LinkedIn FAQs series, Judi Fox, a LinkedIn expert and Social Media Advisory Board (SMAB) member, answers our burning questions about how we can best leverage the LinkedIn platform.

How can I leverage Company Pages?

I try to make company pages a hub of knowledge and success.

For a small or medium sized business, rotate between knowledge type of content and success content–for example, celebrate the success of your employees or highlight your employees, and take content that they share personally and feature it on the company page. Feature the leadership of the company, sharing their own personal professional posts over to the company page. Doing it that way has been seen to actually drive more traffic to the company page vs. trying to share the company page out.

The moment that people land on your company page, give them instructions. How do they contact you? How do they get ahold of you? Where do they find your website?

By the time people get to your company page, you want to assume they could be a hot lead–don’t don’t treat them just as a cold lead, give them instructions and give them what to do next to get started working with you.

Judi Fox @judiwfox
:star2: Social Media Advisory Board Member
Judi Fox is a Top 10 LinkedIn Coach for 2021 in Yahoo Finance. With over 18 years experience in business development and sales, Judi Fox developed the LinkedIn Business Accelerator Method.


@judiwfox I just (re)created my LinkedIn page after I deleted it 5+ years ago (when we didn’t have any cool tools to use) I need a content strategy for my LI page. Your tips are a great place to start! Thank you.


You’re so into LinkedIn, it surprises me you hadn’t been using a company page—but I guess it makes sense, since they’re a tough nut to crack, and personal profiles are where most of the action is!

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This is so freaking helpful @judiwfox! Thank you so much.

I am just starting to build out our Wholesome Media LinkedIn page and this is great.


Thank you so much Jeremy for this feedback and congrats on building a LinkedIn Company Page! Best decision ever - so you are already on the right track :blush::fox_face: