🎥⭐️ FAQ: Claiming Your Google Business Profile (Maria Elena Duron)

Maria Elena Duron

Grow with Google certified trainer Maria Elena Duron guides you through the process of claiming your Google Business Profile.

In order to claim your Google Business Profile, you need to verify that the business is actually yours.

Step 1: Check to see if your business already has a profile

Google yourself or go to Google Business Profile – Get Listed on Google and enter your business name to see if it’s already in the system.

You could be there because somebody checked in at your location—perhaps they were really somewhere else nearby, but they thought it was you. It could be that a customer left you a review. Or maybe it was a helpful spouse, child, or friend who put you there. But it could also be a competitor or a disgruntled employee. So you do need to be able to claim that because the website is the new storefront these days, and it’s important to manage that reputation.

If you put your business name in and you’re there, claim it now. It’s going to bring up every business by that name across the country. So if you’re in Midland, Texas, like I am, but there’s a company by the same name in Florida, make sure you’re claiming the one that’s in your area.

Step 2: Set up your business profile

If it’s not already there, put in your business’s information, including the address. Do not be scared of this, especially if you’re working from home; enter it anyway, because they need to send a verification postcard out to you to be sure that you are the actual business owner. You can suppress the address so that it’s not published on search and maps.

If you are home-based, or you don’t want people to come to your office—let’s say you’re by appointment only, or you just have a warehouse—you can indicate, “No, I don’t want people coming to my location, but I deliver goods and services to my customers.” Or if you do want them to see that—maybe you sell online and in-person in a shop—then go ahead and say, “Yes, do show my location.”

3. Select your geographic service areas

Next you’ll be provided the opportunity to select your areas. Keep it tight; keep it local. Don’t dilute the superpower!

4. Double check all information

Now, confirm everything. This is key: double check your spelling, the address, that you didn’t make a mistake and say Drive, but it’s Boulevard, etc. A lot of times people will submit that they want the postcard, then when they review their work later they realize a mistake and try to change it, which causes the information to resubmit. And now they’re in a horrible verification loop for a really, really long time. So definitely double check your work before you ever hit send, and don’t change anything else until you’re verified.

5. Verify

You’ll be sent a verification postcard in about five to 10 days. It does not look like a postcard; it looks like a W2 with perforations on the side. There’s a five-digit verification code in there. You will enter that code in and now you can make updates, changes, customize, whatever you’d like to do. You have total control over your profile.

But remember: don’t make any changes until your ownership of the profile has been verified!

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@maria :clap: Thanks for the DIY tutorial. :slight_smile: Many of the local business owners I talk with have NOT claimed their Google My Business profiles. Those that have, have success! Glad you are getting the word out. Kudos!

I barely use mine (especially lately), but I’d rather have it claimed myself than let anyone else claim it!