🎥⭐️ FAQ: Ad Setup (AJ Wilcox)

AJ Wilcox

In this LinkedIn Ads FAQs series, AJ Wilcox, a LinkedIn advertising expert and Social Media Advisory Board (SMAB) member, answers our burning questions about how to advertise on LinkedIn.

Setting Up Ads on LinkedIn

First, choose your objective

Objectives don’t quite work the same way that they do on Facebook.
If your objective is to send someone to a landing page, then choose Website Visits; if it’s to use LinkedIn’s embedded forms within their ads, then choose Lead Generation.

Next, choose your audience

Look for things like job titles, seniority, company size, company industry, even company name. This is the reason we come to LinkedIn!

No Audience Expansion!

Right after choosing your audience, you’ll notice a sneaky little checkbox that says, “Enable Audience Expansion.” Always make sure you uncheck that; it allows LinkedIn to take a lot more money out of your wallet!

Ad Format

If you’re on a low budget–spending less than a thousand dollars a month–go straight to Text Ads; that’s by far the most efficient way to spend a small budget.
But if you’ve got a budget of $3,000 or more, choose Single Image Sponsored Content. It requires very little to get started and it’s a great, happy medium that generally gets good performance.

Bidding and Budgeting

If you just want to dip your toes into the platform, the very best way is to go ahead and run with the very lowest bid. Here’s how you find that out:

Put whatever your actual budget is for the day, but in the bidding, LinkedIn is going to automatically select Maximum Delivery or Auto Bidding. That’s the most expensive way to pay for your traffic on LinkedIn!

Instead, click “More Options” and then select Manual Bidding.

LinkedIn is going to give some crazy range of what they claim other people are paying per click. Instead, just put $1 or $2 into that box. Then LinkedIn will say, in red letters, “The floor price for this audience is…” and they’ll give you something like $6. That’s what you want to run with if your goal is efficiency.

Of course, if you don’t get any traffic in the first few days, you can always go in and incrementally increase that until you do. But if you can spend your whole budget at the minimum, then game over, you just found the way to get the very cheapest traffic on LinkedIn.

AJ Wilcox @aj1
:star2: Social Media Advisory Board Member
LinkedIn Ads pro, founded B2Linked.com, a LinkedIn Ads-specific agency. He’s managed over $150M in spend, official LinkedIn partner, host of the LinkedIn Ads Show podcast. Utah, USA.

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