Facebook Reports & Statistics

In our reports & statistics for Facebook under Facebook Content metrics (Publishing), the past three months there was a 0 for status. However the previous three months we had a 10 for status.
What does status type indicate and how can we publish more content to boost the status? We also want to boost our target audience to reach more males of various ages in the U.S.

Hi @destiny Not sure if you are talking about your Agorapulse account or within Facebook Insights.

Hi Deb, I’m referring to the Facebook report when you download it.

@destiny from Facebook itself? Sorry looked at mine and I can’t see what you are mentioning.

I’m just guessing here but are you referring to how many statuses you’ve posted on your facebook?

@deb I found this in agorapulse Facebook Metrics: What You Need to Know | Agorapulse

under the tracked area section on the bottom left it says “status”… referring to fb status posts. I would assume these are “status posts” that are JUST statuses, with no photos,links or videos included.

Yes, that is what I am referring to the statuses on Facebook. Thank you Kaz for the visual. What does the statuses mean?

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I would assume these are “status posts” that are JUST statuses, with no photos,links or videos included… so text only. But @deb or someone else from Agorapulse can confirm.

Have you posted any new posts that are just texts these past 3 months vs the previous 3 months?

In the last three months all of our content post have included a photo or video with a link.

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I’m wanting to bet that if you post a post with just text, that status will show up with 1 instead of 0 :slight_smile:

@destiny have you tried reaching out to Agorapulse support through the chat function? I reach out there frequently and they are always super helpful and pretty quick to get back to you! It’s always helpful if you tell them what brand you’re looking at and send them a screenshot of what you’re referring to :slight_smile:

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