Facebook Questions - How to share from page to personal profile

Has something changed in the way we share from a business page to a personal profile? It used to be that you could share either with a comment or without. When I was training a client the other day we tried both ways and both ways just reposted the post back onto her page. So the question is… how do we shate a post from a biz page to the profile now? Totally confused. Rx

@rachel1 Here’s what happens if I try to share from Agorapulse (I am a page admin)…I click share and I see these choices:

Then when I select Share to Feed it lets me share to my personal profile

Hope this helps

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If you pick the Share now (public) it will share without an option for a comment

Hi @deb - that’s not happening from mine but I think I worked it out at 3 am this morning - :scream: I missed a critical step… I need to be in my personal persona, search for my biz page, find the post and then share from that to my personal profile. Totally forgot I needed to be in my personal persona first - doh!!! It’s been a while since I shared from page to profile :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Thanks again. Rx

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