Facebook/Meta Support

Hi all, does anyone have a direct link to the support chat at FB. I used to have one but it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Many thanks. Rx

Hey @rachel1 ! This is the link I use: Meta Business Help Centre: Help, Support & Troubleshooting | Meta Business Help Centre

When you scroll down underneath all the ‘Learn More’ stuff, there should be a banner that says “Find answers or contact support” and then a button that says ‘Get Started’ - that takes me to contact support. But, I know not everyone can see that banner or has access to it. I have no idea why lol I just know when I’ve shared the link before, not everyone has the Get Started button.
Hopefully you can see it!

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Hi @awilson, looks like I might be able to access them that way, thank you. I’ll see if my client can too. Really appreciate your help. Thank you. Rx

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thanks for helping out Autumn!

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@deb @awilson - spoken to and sorted. Many thanks, really appreciated.