Facebook Marketplace - these can't be created by PAGES in 2023

“Starting on January 30, 2023, Meta will no longer support the ability for sellers to create vehicle & real estate / rentals listings using a Facebook business Page, along with the Vehicles Tab and Manage Inventory tab in markets where this feature is currently available. The free person-to-person listings for vehicle & real estate / rentals listings will still be available on Marketplace. Your ability to reach audiences via ads is also not changing. We are simply changing how inventory may be displayed in the future.”

I’m thinking since FB doesn’t get a cut of the sale when a PAGE lists something (they prob consider it FREE ADVERTISING) they will be pushing pages to ads to list in Marketplace starting in 2023. what do you think? Do your clients use Marketplace?


I think they would get a cut of the sale regardless whether a page or a personal profile lists something in the marketplace as long as it’s the “buy now” button.

But you’re probably right in the sense that it was free advertising for businesses because most of the time the transaction didn’t happen right on FB, especially for real estate and vehicles… too expensive or potentially seemingly untrustworthy? While they really couldn’t stop personal posts, because then it would affect normal people and that wouldn’t go over well.

Seems like FB is going for ads for sure like you said. I’m going to add two links, for Auto and for Real Estate.

This said it launched in 2020 for Auto: Introducing an On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) | Meta for Business

This for real estate: Facebook for property businesses: Ads and marketing solutions | Facebook for Business | Meta for Business

It would seem that both aim to contain things within FB/Messenger itself, which makes sense for the platform.


thanks for the direct links - super helpful for those who need them.