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First off, does anyone know what a ‘Business Admin’ is on Facebook?

I have an enquiry from someone who has been posting via Later to FB & IG for her clients. The accounts have disconnected and she’s tried everything to get them reconnected but it keeps saying she needs to be a Business Admin. I can’t find anything on Google about Business Admins so I’m a bit confused! Can anyone enlighten me on this please. Rx


Being a page admin is different from being a designated admin in Meta Business Suite—that’s where it needs to happen.

@Facebook_Experts @Facebook_Ads_Experts anyone care to jump in to help explain how that happens? (I’m still rusty on the new Business Suite…)

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Here’s a primer by @amanda on what I even mean by “Business Suite”:


Great question! Every business page has at least one Page Admin. But not all admins or editors are necessarily added to a business account that owns that Page.

You can have a Business Account that can house more than one page, along with other assets like ad accounts and pixels.

You can be an Admin of the Business Account as well as an Admin of a Page. Or you can also be an admin of a page and not added to the business account. And in some cases, a business account hasn’t been set up yet.

For example, I have other people added into my business account that I am an admin of, and I have a bunch of client Pages and my own Pages organized inside of that business account. I can assign people in my business account to work on those pages and when they are done on that project, I remove them from those pages but keep them in my business account to assign them to future projects.

You’ll know if you have a business account by going to business.Facebook.com (brings you into Meta’s Business Suite) and if you have a little settings gear :gear: In the bottom left, you have a business account associated with that page.

You can also see in Page Settings under Page Roles if a business account owns your page.

And you can create a new business account by going to Login and Access Meta Business Suite and Business Manager if you don’t already have one.


What @amanda said! ^^^ :sweat_smile:


Haha - yup @amanda was quick on the reply with an awesome detailed answer.

Think of this problem like this: Page admin is one thing. It’s one level of admin for Facebook pages. However, these third-party tools (like later) are increasingly having to change how accounts are connected due to changes by each platform and their API (code standards and rules) - what this means is that you likely have to make sure you are set up with Facebook Business Suite as the “owner” of the page with business admin access. Once that’s done - you should be set to go.


Thank you so much @christine, @amanda, @dorien and @lowell, I appreciate your help. An incredible answer @amanda, I’ll let her know and if it doesn’t work I’ll be back for some more help. Thanks all, have a lovely evening. Rx