Facebook Ghosting

Back in March, I attended Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and I took this photo of the Vista Create booth.

After returning home to Wales I posted the photo to my personal Facebook profile but after a few days, I was informed that the photo breached their hate speech policies and I faced a 5 day ban without appeal.

This is where things get interesting and strange. Almost instantly and since then the Facebook pages that I created have seen a dramatic fall in organic reach.

The page with the stats above has seen a drop in reach from 4.5M per 28 days down to around 420,000 and a drop in follower growth from around 900 a week to less than 10.

The impact this has had on the pages that I created has been immense because some are monetized and are not reaching their full potential.

If this is happening to me then it must be happening to others, and if it is then the future for Facebook is bleak if a valid competitor arrives on the horizon.

A similar thing happened to one of our business accounts. In our case, my husband was banned from Live’s for 30 days because of a post he was TAGGED in over 2 years ago! I have noticed it happening more and more … and about posts from long ago.

We just took it as a sign to double down to make sure we kept our list up to date OFF of social media so we could still communicate with our followers.


I think the Ai is really off and that Meta triggers can lead to bans and always this issue of no follow up. My frustration at the continual “innovation” announcements from Mark Z and never investing in proper customer service for business drives me batty and i don’t understand how companies like Meta and Google get away with it. They have the $$
i feel we need to petition for it !


I’ve even tried the Facebook Oversight Board in the past which was a total waste of time. I believe it’s nothing more than a publicity stunt to show the world that Facebook is doing something.