Facebook Events -- what works?

Who here uses Facebook Events to post their in-person, paid events? My organization will have several in-person events throughout the fall and we typically publish an event on Facebook for each one. I understand the benefit of doing that, in that it will potentially bring in new attendees who are not already part of our audience. However, few people seem to engage with the events on Facebook, making me wonder if it is truly worth it. Any thoughts??

Side note, I have added in tracking measures to see how many people are signing up for the events through Facebook going forward.


Hi @lewhitmire sorry for the delay in replying! Thanks for posting in Social Media Pulse! I know your pain with Facebook events! I think lately with Facebook moving things around so much and the feeds changing for different people it’s just harder for people to even find FB events!

BUT…given you want as much exposure as possible I wouldn’t give up using them.

Some questions for you…Where is your audience? What type of event is it? Are you posting these as your page or in a group? Personally, I do like getting reminders of events from FB.

Have you used Eventbrite at all? I have a client who lists a free class for people to start a business and she gets A LOT of people who see it on Eventbrite.

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