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Good morning!

I have a client who wants to continue giving away Chiefs season tickets that the partners personally own.

They have already gotten in trouble with the Royals and avoided a lawsuit due to running a similar contest for those season tickets last year. It was also looking like my firm was going to be part of the lawsuit, which is not something we are wanting to experience again.

Can anyone share an article that clearly explains why this isn’t a good idea? Does anyone have experience with a similar scenario?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Hi @justine! We don’t have anything on that topic but I did find this…maybe it will help?

Just wondering so we can also all learn…why were the Royals upset and threatening a lawsuit?

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The Royals have a clause in their ticket T&C’s that you can’t use their tickets for promotional purposes unless you have a sponsorship/partnership agreement with them which, if I remember right, started at $25k a season.

They also combed through their social over the years and referenced that they have been illegally using their privately owned season tickets and could ban them (meaning the family ticket holders) from being allowed to purchase tickets in the future.

It was a whole mess and a lot of phone calls with lawyers.

In the end, everything was resolved, but as the marketing and web firm for the client, we are not wanting to be responsible for any mistakes of this magnitude in the future.

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