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Amanda Robinson

Facebook Ads expert Amanda Robinson explains Facebook Business Suite, Business Manager, and Ads Manager.

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Ads Manager, Business Manager, Business Suite.

They’re all different things, and they can get a little bit confusing. So let’s figure it out.

Business Suite

Pretend that Meta, aka Facebook, had a house that they have now outgrown. They’ve now built themselves a whole new palace.

Room by room, we need to move all the stuff from the old house—your ad account, your different platforms, Facebook and Instagram, all of your business settings, your admin, your managers, your lead forms, your publishing tools—into the brand new one, Business Suite, that is much more accommodating and has a much better layout for us that we can use and we can continue to grow moving forward.

You now have one place to get your insights on how things are performing on both Facebook and Instagram, how your ads are performing, all of your publishing to be able to schedule posts on both platforms, see how things are performing across all of these areas of business—it’s a one-stop shop for you to carry out business. It’s wonderful.

Not everybody has Business Suite yet, though I think the majority of us should at this point. You can find it at business.facebook.com.

Business Manager

Business Manager used to be the equivalent of Business Suite: it’s a business account that houses your page, your ad account, your catalog, your pixel, all of those business bits and pieces related to Facebook.

Business Suite is somewhat replacing that, but you can still find everything that you used to have in Business Manager in what is now called your Business Settings.

Ads Manager

Ads Manager is a powerful tool for creating ads.

If you’re boosting posts, that’s totally fine—but it’s not the most efficient way that you could be spending your money. Using Ads Manager to create your ads is absolutely going to be a more effective tool for you.

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Why? Well, let’s break down the anatomy of a Facebook ad.

Creating an ad is much like creating an organizational chart in a business:

  • CEO = Campaign

The Campaign is like the CEO that’s making the overarching decision on the whole point of what we’re trying to do. Are we trying to get clicks off of the platform onto the website? Are we trying to keep people on the platform and get them to watch our videos? That’s the kind of decision that you make at the Campaign level.

  • Department Managers = Ad Sets

Underneath that, we have our department managers. You can have one; you can have several.

Once we know where we are going and what the overarching direction is, the management team gets to decide, “Okay, where are we going to place these ads? Who are we going to serve these ads to? How long are they going to run for, and how much money are we going to spend?"

Those are your Ad Sets.

  • Employees = Ads

Underneath that, we have the employees, and those are the Ads.

They’re actually out there in the public, interfacing with people and carrying out the work—and, much like employees in real life, some of them underperform and need to be let go, and some of them overperform, and they need to be given more budget.

Boosting a post essentially only creates one campaign, one ad set, and one ad. If we instead use Ads Manager, we have more control, more decisions, we can have more department managers and more employees all working under one campaign.

It can also be extraordinarily powerful for you to start understanding what is working and what is not. You can stop doing the things that aren’t working and divert more budget into the things that are. So if you’re not already using Ads Manager, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to improve and grow the success of your ads.

In a nutshell:

We have Ads Manager, we have Business Manager, and we have Business Suite.

  • Business Suite houses all of this.

  • Business Manager used to be how we used to manage our business; it’s now been absorbed into Business Suite and it’s called your Business Setting.

  • Ads Manager is one of the tools that lives inside of Business Suite where you can create more powerful advertising on both Facebook and Instagram for your business.

If you want to learn more, come and hang out with us over in Swift Kick in the Ads!

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