Facebook Ad Previews Not Showing In Feed

Hello, fellow social media professionals!

I’m hoping someone in here can help with this issue I’ve experienced before but never for an extended period of time: Facebook’s ad previews NOT showing up in the newsfeed once you’ve gone to the ad preview link and hit the “Show Ad” button.

This is happening to our agency’s intern whenever she tries to preview the ads over the past nearly 2 weeks. She was able to preview them with no problem initially, and I’ve experienced this before with app and algorithm updates but it usually gets resolved within a couple of days.

Any ideas on a fix for this? All helpful answers are appreciated!

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Hi Caitlin…thanks for commenting! Don’t you want to pull your hair out with FB ads!!! @amanda might have a suggestion…tagging her so she sees this!


Yes, I certainly do! Thanks for your reply!