🎥 Expert Insights Panel: Storytelling

Is your brand telling truly compelling stories?

We interviewed a panel of storytelling experts to discuss what that means, how other brands are doing it, and what to know in order to do it yourself!


  • Tamsen Webster, Find The Red Thread

  • Park Howell, Business of Story

  • Kyle Porter, Conklin Media

  • Miri Rodriguez, Microsoft

Check out the video—and let us know your thoughts, questions, etc. below!

How does your brand leverage storytelling?

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For more on storytelling:


Thanks to everyone for being here today – exciting group and love the topic. Let’s tell some stories!

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“A lot of people say data can’t tell a story, but I think it can.” - Miri Rodriguez

I agree. You can use data for logos (logic) and tie in pathos (emotion) to make it sing!


It’s funny, I got into community management because I liked the creative and social sides of it – but within six months I was data obsessed. It can absolutely tell the story of your human efforts.


seriously - if you can’t listen to the whole thing (highly recommended) start it at around 57 minutes in and listen to the lightning round! GOLD!