Editing FB Page profile info

Does anyone know what might be preventing me from updating the business hours on a FB business page I manage? It is a new page, not the classic.

For a while the hours would not even save (therefore not show up) until I got a tip that you need to actually place the red pin on the Location map instead of just entering your address. Once I did that, the hours entered began to appear on the public view.

Not sure, but sounds annoying Eric! Hopefully one of our @Facebook_Experts can chime in.

Are you changing the hours in https://www.facebook.com /YourBusinessPage/about_contact_and_basic_info ?

Where “YourBusinessPage” is would be your Page name.

What’s the error you’re getting? It just won’t save?

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I’m trying to edit it right on the Page itself. I click Edit and then click the pencil symbol across from hours and input the times. then hit Save and nothing happens.

I just tried changing my hours myself just to see if it would let me, and it does let me click save but nothing happens either.

I wonder if its a bug for the new pages experience. But I am a global page I suppose as a content creator, so that could be it as well…

That’s interesting… Thanks for the feedback. I manage another page that was upgraded to the New Pages Experience and was able to change the business hours there just fine, fyi.

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The only thing I could read was that if you can’t change your hours you may need to change the category that the page is in. But they don’t say why or what categories aren’t allowed to have hours.

Are your two pages the same category?

Hmm, that’s a good question. One was created three years before I came aboard, and the other I created this past summer. I’ll have to look, but I don’t even remember where categories selection is.

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