Ecommerce and google analytics

I’ve been asked to speak at an event for ecommerce businesses about google analytics or related topics. I spoke at the same event last year and broke down how they can measure their whole process. Now I’m stuck!

Do you manage an ecomm business? If so what do you want to know about analytics? Would learning about UTM help?

what about focusing on where things usually fall apart in the process and going deeper (or making it simpler).

I think explaining the basics of how to set up UTMs, what they are and how they help to track marketing activity.

However, if you think they already know the basics, perhaps you could guide them in analysing the data and what to do next to make the most of their findings.

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We’ve gone with UTMs. Their eyes lit up when I mentioned it, which is nice :slight_smile:


I think that’s great…
One question I’ve had which they might have had too…

what do you do if something already has a UTM – I strip it back to the native link and make a fresh one.

Another thing that took a while to get when I first started using UTMs is that you only UTM if you are driving traffic to YOUR site…not other places

UTMs can be useful if you are sending traffic to other sites. If you are running ads on your site people will want to see the clicks they get.

And yes if you’re sharing a link with a UTM take that out and make your own. Depending on the tools you use your own UTM will often override the built in one, but always best to check.