"DownUnder" Mastermind MeetUp --photo and notes added

Join us for our “Down Under” Mastermind MeetUp!

Yes…we are bringing our famous Table Talks to a time when our Aussie/Kiwi audience is awake!

Join a great group of social media professionals for a fun networking event.

And…yes, you can come if you aren’t an Aussie or Kiwi :rocket:


The Plan: We’ll have multiple virtual “tables” with different topics. Join a table discussion and connect with other social media professionals peeps! You can even hop from table to table until you find an interesting conversation.

Post below if you’ve got a topic you’d like to see!

After the MeetUp, come back to the Social Media Pulse Community to keep the connections and conversations going!


@Aussie-SpaceFriends excited we’ve got a MeetUp time on the calendar before the end of the year!!! Notice the time! Hope you can make it!

Thanks to @communifi for helping us figure out a time that works in your world!

@TableTalksFans you might want to attend too!


WOW - WEE - you organised it - I am very surprised indeed.

Lucky you mentioned it on Linkedin


Some of my favorite people are in Australia! I’ve reached out to a few but going to message a few more.


This sounds awesome! May have a conflict with another networking event. Some great social media folks down under!


Excited for this on Tues/Wed! @Aussie-SpaceFriends hope you will join us for this networking event!


Thanks for organising at a friendly time… now just have to give a hint that Aussie’s generally don’t love the term ‘down under’ :sweat_smile:

Thanks @kburgin. Hope you’ll join us! I was advised by our own Aussie @communifi to use that term. She also was awesome to help in picking the time! LOL Both can be adjusted for our 2023 meetings! In either case…we’re happy to provide an opportunity for everyone to meet!

Great chat today with @socialsellingwarrior @communifi @phylliskhare Larah Kennedy and Claudine Thornton (@hello29)

Chatted about AI tools
@communifi shared Mark Shafer’s recent post about ChatGPT

@socialsellingwarrior shared his recent blog post written via AI

Larah Kennedy shared her recent blog about the dark side of dark posts on Facebook

Talked about B Corps

Looking forward to chatting again in January!

Hey Ken - I love it! After all its our unofficial anthem. Where are you based? we had a great meetup - you should join in next time! Fi.

What a lovely group of people - it was a terrific meetup!

Hi @deb @phylliskhare @hello29 @communifi @socialsellingwarrior and Larah, sorry I couldn’t join you all today - I had a vet appointment - my little Buddy boy had a very bad ear infection and the only time they could fit me in was during the MeetUp.

Hope it was a great chat and look forward to connecting at the next one.

Lisa :grinning:


Here’s the article where I “interviewed” AI

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Oh a shame I hope Buddy is ok xxx I tagged you in another thread about Hotels I hope you found it! x

Look forward to seeing you in January @lisa.monks. Missed you! Hope Buddy feels better!

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Hopefully Buddy’s infection will heal quickly - he had his ear cleaned out but now I have to put these drops in twice a day and it’s like wrestling a wriggling worm anytime he sees that syringe in my hand haha :joy:

Anyway, happy holidays to everyone and look forward to connecting in 2023 :grinning: