🎥 Dorien Morin-van Dam on Agile For Marketers

Dorien Morin-van Dam

Dorien Morin-van Dam is a social media strategist and organic social media specialist.

We caught up with Dorien at Social Media Week Lima #SMWL22 and asked her to explain Agile Methodology and how we can apply it to marketing.

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Agile Methodology comes from the software development industry.

In 2001, 17 software engineers got together and wrote “The Agile Manifesto,” a document that holds four values and 12 principles on how to use Agile in software development.

Some of the values include things like getting software out is more important than recording the process. When we apply that to marketing, it means that putting out the minimum viable product is more important than having a perfect product.

In Agile, we work with iterations.

For a photo or video shoot, a minimum viable product that you put out first might be stories. You’re at an event, you put out the stories, you get feedback—because the important part of iterations is getting feedback, knowing what people want and what people react to—and then the next piece of content you put out is going to include some of those suggestions or ideas to make it even better. So then the next iteration might be to take some of that video content that you created at that event and very quickly do minor edits and put it out on Facebook and LinkedIn—again, to get feedback quick. And then eventually you might put a bumper and some captions on it and upload it as a full video to YouTube. Then the fourth iteration might be to take the best content, the content that people like the most, and repurpose it on different platforms with hashtags, location, and all those other things.

So instead of waiting for the perfect video that a video editor in the back room who wasn’t at the event puts together, you as a team use all of this content quick and get feedback. Those are called iterations.

That’s Agile Methodology. You can use it for video, you can use it for blogs, you can use this method for any kind of content that you create. The content will be better, customers will be much happier because their product—their content—goes to market really quickly, and then gets feedback, so when you put product—say, a blog post—out, you know that you hit the right tone, and then you can improve the blog post or you can do a follow up that is longer or has tweetable images in there. You improve upon the process, so that in the end you have a satisfied customer and a bunch of content that actually resonates with your customer.

Dorien Morin-van Dam @dorien
Organic Social Media Specialist | International Keynote Speaker | Certified Agile Marketer | Community Manager | Content Marketer #StrategyTalks :studio_microphone:

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@christine No other comment than “Girl, you made me look smashing on camera!” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You looked smashing all by yourself—I just capture what was there. :heart:


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It was great to see you (aain) Cheers to in-person events.


Yes i do - i learned a lot about this in an innovation workshop series i did many years ago. I take this to my clients especially when developing courses. I encourage a minimum viable product to test the market and get feedback. So often folk get excited about an idea and then spend a whole lot of money and time on creating something which unfortunately just because they love it - doesn’t mean it’s actually addressing a need or solving a problem.

By testing they can fine tune and ensure the message and audience are a match. Beta testing comes into this process also.


So smart!
It also feeds nicely into a very social-media-appropriate ethos of things not having to be perfect to connect with someone. :heart:


I love the idea of testing a mini-course and getting feedback. that makes a LOT of sense. So many course creators create the whole she-bang and miss the mark by a mile. Never asked their audience what they want, like or need! :sweat_smile: Thanks for that insight @communifi


It does indeed! Done is better than perfect!