🚀 Don't miss this Social Media Manager IG Reels Trend [Camp Space Friend: IG Reels]

As we are wrapping up our IG Reels Mission for Camp Space Friend…we came upon this trending IG Reel that we just had to share…most especially because it puts social media managers (and their clients) front and center!

Note…we’re sorry for the language…this was too funny…especially watching all of these…to not share :space_friend: We hope you’ll laugh with us…and IF you follow the trend…post so we can see your version!

There are a couple lessons to learn here:

  1. Take a look at the variety of businesses featured. Everything from a plant store to a car dealer to a cookie maker. Just goes to show you that an interesting idea can be applied to a wide variety of businesses. Might be a good idea to keep a list of these to show to potential clients…it’s a great example of showing them how it IS POSSIBLE to apply a trend to their business and have it work (bad word aside)

  2. I found these by clicking on the audio… which will show you a whole list of other people using that audio…aka the power of trending audio!

  3. This is a great example of getting the faces in the business ON social without them really having to talk or do anything major.

  4. This started as a funny out-of-the-box idea…as a social media manager…you need to think this way!

  5. Some get really creative🦖. Some are even in a different language! Also don’t miss checking out the captions!