"Document" to Create Your YouTube Content (Tristan Griffiths)

Tristan Griffiths


● Document > Creation
By documenting you are capturing what you do, sharing your knowledge and being as authentic as is humanly possible. Which will highlight your expertise & attract the ideal clients who need the solutions you provide! Approaching you once they already know you have what they need from your content!

● Use the tools you have!
( including the old phone - with a camera, in that draw! ) Far too many people wait to have ‘the right equipment or gear to create that they never start, you have all you need if you own a smartphone & more than you do if you own two!

● Don’t be afraid to ask for help!
There are plenty of people steps ahead of you prepared to help - Including me! So reach out to them, be humble and ask questions - rather than making your own mistakes! You will be surprised just how many people are prepared to lend a hand or share some invaluable advice that will help you along!

● Think Shorts!
Using only the centre third of a landscape video as focal section means you can then repurpose this into a vertically oriented video for shorts (And stories!)

Having fall backs for the audio recordings and multiple cameras means that if technology fails you as it often does, you don’t need to waste your most valuable asset ( your time ) to re-record this content

● Get started & Improve along the way!
You don’t have to be great to get started: But you do have to get started to be great - at ANYTHING! So start today, and improve along the way!

Don’t miss watching Tristan’s video FAIL! :point_down:

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