Do you need a LinkedIn Company Page? (Louise Brogan)

Louise Brogan

My answer is yes—so let’s look at WHY you need one, and what to do with it when you have one.

LinkedIn’s growth during the pandemic was very interesting. Pre-pandemic numbers had over 630 million LinkedIn accounts, and now in 2022, there are over 810 million accounts. There are approximately 60 million Company Pages.

What is the difference between a personal profile and company page on LinkedIn?

Your Personal Profile should be used to build relationships and have conversations with your network. A key difference is that you can connect or follow people using your personal profile.

The Company Page is about showcasing your business brand on LinkedIn. Imagine a conference–the attendees networking and meeting new people are the Personal Profiles, and the Company Page is the sponsor booth where we go to find out about the company and its products and services.

Top Tip:
Use the Call To Action button on your Company Page and invite people to get in touch.

3 key reasons you need a Company Page on LinkedIn

1. Business credibility

Having a Company Page on LinkedIn gives your business an extra boost of credibility. When someone searches for your industry online and you have an active company page on LInkedIn, this can show up in the search results. You are giving yourself an extra opportunity to be found by your ideal clients on LinkedIn. If you meet someone at an industry event, they will search for your company online afterwards, and having a Company Page will add to your credibility.

2. Adding your company logo and branding to LinkedIn

With a Company Page, you can upload your business logo onto the Page. Then when you “attach” your personal profile to the Company Page, the Company logo will show up in two places on your own profile as well as those in your team.

Your Introductory Card:

Your Experience Section:

3. Building your business

Aside from marketing your business via your Company Page, you can also use it to showcase your business as a potential employer or provider.

If you are recruiting a team, candidates will be checking out your business online and what kind of company you are—so make sure you share some behind-the-scenes content as well as talking about your products and services

As your company grows, your team will be able to help with creating content to share on the Company Page. LinkedIn has a great feature whereby you can notify your employees when new posts have been added to the page. Simply click on the “Notify Employees” option on the drop down menu here:

As the B2B Marketing platform of choice, both people who want to buy from you and those who want to potentially be part of your supply chain will be looking at your Company Page. Have a well thought out content strategy on the Company Page—who are we, what do we offer, how do we work with our clients, and who is in our team.

What type of content can you share on a Company Page (and how does this differ from personal profile content?)

If you consider your Company Page to be the sponsor booth at your conference—or the storefront in the mall—this is how it differentiates from your personal profile content.

With your LinkedIn profile, you want to start conversations with your network. The Company Page content is more about showcasing your brand–your team, your products and services, and how you can help your reader.

With this post from Asana, the company are showing the type of company they want to be seen as–sharing tips as well as showing up as mental health advocates:

This is mixed in with content that shows what the product can deliver for the reader:

Top Tip:
LinkedIn Company Pages who engage with their own employees have a much higher share and reach on the platform. Investing in some training for your employees is vital.

How to engage your employees on Linkedin:

  • Check when your employees are mentioning the Company and reshare their content
  • Use the Notify Employees tool
  • Recognise anniversaries and birthdays and celebrate your team

If you are a solo entrepreneur or have a small team, and don’t have time to build content on a Company Page, the advice is to create the page and share content occasionally so that when someone comes across your company on the platform, there is something there to show the company is active.

If you need help outsourcing your LinkedIn content management, we offer LinkedIn done-for-you marketing—managing all the content on your page, the responses, notifications and help with training both you and your team. Reach out to Louise Brogan on LinkedIn or check out the different ways we work with our clients at

Louise Brogan @louise
LinkedIn Marketing Agency Owner, host of the LinkedIn with Louise podcast and YouTube channel, living in Northern Ireland.

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What a great article @louise!!! Wholesome Media does have a company page, but we aren’t doing much with it to be honest. This article was a lot of help and provided some direction.

Do you have any tips to a new business starting out on creating content for their LinkedIn page?


@louise I just (re)created my company page after deleting it 4/5 years ago! It wasn’t doing anything with it and the functionality was clunky. #thingshavechanged :sweat_smile:


hi @linaburgjeremy sorry for the delay! I recommend you create some content for your page at least once a week - videos are a great idea because they have their own tab on your company page - also set up a leadgen form on there that people see when they first visit your page, and now you can comment AS your page on any post on LinkedIn, which can get you more visibility.


absolutely @dorien , they are definitely improving things for pages!


This is great! Thank you so much for this advice. I am not sure how to create a lead generation form for a LinkedIn page. Do you have a link that could help with this?


@louise @linaburgjeremy @christine sounds like we need a new article!

ps on LinkedIn a lot more these days myself!


YES, Deb, we absolutely do!
@louise —game to teach us about those forms? You know where to find me! :heart:


I think an article would be great!

I am trying to get more involved on LinkedIn but for some reason it just isn’t my vibe. It’s really weird!

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Hi! Popping in because we now have a piece on lead gen ads, @linaburgjeremy


My company has a company page on LinkedIn, and it serves a few purposes. We love to share when staff members are speaking at an event or any other way that they’ve displayed thought-leadership (our company is very proud of the skill level of it’s team) We also like to share successes made by our clients and shine a light on them as well. We also share team culture posts and photos to share the personality of our brand.