Do you have clients who Podcast or want to?

I see that Anchor is rolling out Video Podcasts on Spotify. If you have clients who podcast - do they currently use Anchor? Will they be opening up Video Podcasts? Here’s a little bit about it Video Podcasts on Spotify now available for more creators around the world


Hi Phyllis - I have many clients who podcast, and we record & broadcast live - then repurpose the audio to all of the podcast platforms (Spotify, Apple, Google, et al) - and haven’t found a viable reason to move a podcast host to Anchor because of how they change your RSS feed on their end. The video is another nice place to be (albeit only on Spotify), however from those I’ve spoken to who have Anchor and videos there - it really isn’t a lot of views just yet. For my clients, it’s better to have their videos where everyone is, as opposed to just one pipe they may not want to be on (Spotify). Also, it’s rumored that very soon YouTube will be rolling out podcasts - but unclear how the traditional RSS feed would be aligned with video podcasts there.


Yes, I was just discussing the YouTube Podcast thing with our group on FB. My main podcast client is on all the places and doesn’t use Anchor for hosting, but I do know many people who do use Anchor for that. Anchor distributes to many places, too (Google, Apple, Sticher etc.)

On another note about podcasts… when FB opened up the RSS for podcasts we jumped on that. It’s interesting to me the number of views/listens we get over there for such a funky look, but we’ll take it.


Right, every podcast host (Anchor, BuzzSprout, Libsyn, et al) distributes to all the places, I just have a “thing” about free as it relates to Anchor. Someone is making money off of the content. I’d much rather pay to be a customer for these others. Interesting that you’re finding good (I assume that’s what you mean by funky?) results with your RSS feed(s) via Facebook Business Pages. I’ve yet to see that resonate for my clients, nor is anyone really talking about using Facebook for audio podcasts in my network. Anything you can share that’s worked for you? It feels like a little bit of a “tree falling in the forest” when podcasts are released on Facebook.


I laughed at the tree falling in the forest analogy :slight_smile: because that is a little of what it sounds like. My client’s FB posts get an average of from 10K - 20K in post reach and podcast posts get about 2K - so it is certainly low compared to other types of posts. And by funky I mean how it looks on the FB app – I took a screenshot. I just wish we could adjust how it shows up. The client is not in the least bit concerned about the FB interface. He’s much more concerned about the video version on YouTube.


Right - it’s almost as if it’s better to take a short clip from the video interview and drive traffic to the podcast that way. I am unfamiliar with the Anchor/Spotify video interface - but does it allow you to share a link from the video (on Spotify) to other socials, and allows others to view it - regardless of whether they have a Spotify account? This has always been the rub for me - where a particular “pipe” (in this case Spotify) allows for viewing or listening - but only if you have an account. If it’s not the case, maybe posting the Spotify video link is a better option? I love this conversation, by the way! :slight_smile:

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