Do influencers improve campaign performance? [poll]

Do influencers improve campaign performance?

  • Absolutely
  • Sometimes
  • Rarely
  • Never

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Here is my $0.02 when it comes to working with “influencers” (detest that term) in marketing campaigns.

Choosing the RIGHT influencer is the biggest key to having a successful partnership. Meaning if you are say a home and garden brand, it would make no sense to have an influencer from the automotive industry be a part of your campaign, just because they have [insert follower count here].

I’ll use a real world example, because I love doing that, from my own experience with a brand my company used to work with and them hiring an influencer. We were working with an axe throwing venue in Orlando that was 21+ years of age to enter. Keep in mind this is ALL about throwing axes and drinking alcohol.

The brand decided to not go with my recommendation (a professional axe thrower from Tampa), instead hired a health & beauty influencer locally in Orlando that had more followers than the individual I recommended. And BTW, the influencer they went with was 19 years old. So when she arrived, she couldn’t even get into the venue to take any picture, videos, etc. due her legally not being able to enter :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Do you due diligence & make DAMN certain the individual is a fit for not only your brand, but your audience as well. A larger following doesn’t mean your brand is reaching the right following for your brand/product/service.