🎥 Digital Chat Etiquette (Kelly Noble Mirabella)

Kelly Noble Mirabella

Digital marketer and co-author of Digital Etiquette For Dummies Kelly Noble Mirabella explains how to practice good digital etiquette in chat marketing.

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There are a few elements of chat etiquette I write about in the book:
text messaging, group messaging, private messaging, and then of course chat marketing, which is when businesses utilize these chat features and how they should be engaging

One thing I really want businesses and agencies to focus on when they dive into messaging, first of all, is that they should do it!

It’s actually bad etiquette that you’re not responding to clients. Customers do not want to pick up the phone and call your business—and if your automated response says, “Sorry, call us,” when they message you, you’re doing it wrong, and you’re breaking some important etiquette rules. When you redirect them like that, you’re sending customers away from you—not just to your phone number—you’re saying, “You’re not important enough for us to help you.”

Create automatons that actually support your customers. Think of your customers as humans, which they are—how would they best be served by the chatbot? That’s how I want people to go forward: not only with the etiquette, but also the good marketing sense to create chat automations that come to that person instead of sending them elsewhere.

Create an automation that handles those simple questions in Facebook Messenger, Google My Business chat, or direct messaging in Instagram. They’re there to support the customer and serve the business. Just be crystal clear: “Hey, this is Kelly’s automated assistant, let me know what questions you have.”

Chatbots can handle up to 60-80% of incoming inquiries, depending on industry and the circumstances of the chat. As a business, knowing that so many people are coming in through these messaging apps, it has become increasingly important to have a way to meet the customer where they are.

If you are not answering messages, you are breaking cardinal rules of chat marketing etiquette.

Kelly Noble Mirabella @Stellar247
Award-winning international speaker, content marketing expert, and co-author of Digital Etiquette for Dummies .

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