Daily LinkedIn Checklist (Pulse Academy)

Phyllis Khare

This checklist is repurposed from the original Social Media Manager School, now Pulse Academy.
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EST time daily: 5-20 minutes.
Do these things either directly on LinkedIn itself or through your preferred dashboard.

Priority Tasks

EST time: 5-10 mins.

  • Check the Notifications tab on LinkedIn.

    • Like and Reply to Comments on Posts on personal profile and Page.

    • Like and Reply to any Comments on Published articles.

  • Create posts for the day, or schedule them with the system you are using.

  • Check Private Messages and respond.

Important Tasks

EST time: 5-30 minutes

  • Check News Feed and Comment on 1-3 posts.

  • Check Pending Invitations and connect with profiles that make sense.

  • Share any important posts from your Company Page to your personal profile.

  • Post in any LinkedIn Groups you participate in regularly

Weekly Tasks

EST time: 10-20 minutes

  • Gather Analytics from Company Page for the week for Reports

  • Connect with 10-20 new LinkedIn contacts. Use the People You May Know or search tool.

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Phyllis Khare @phylliskhare
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What’s your typical LinkedIn routine—and how often do you do it?

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It’s all about setting up good habits and routines that save you time while still being attentive inside the platform.

Great checklist but the one thing that needs to happen BEFORE taking action is to be crystal clear on your LinkedIn strategy. It is a unique platform and what works on other social platforms does not work on LinkedIn and vice versa.

The other actions I would add to your daily/week/monthly actions are:

  • Look at your existing connections and pick at least 5 people who you’ve lost touch with and check in with them. You can do this by DM or commenting on their post if they are active.

  • Be a true networking and think about what introductions you can make within your network.

  • Job changes are the most overlooked opportunity. Many people just use the AI “congrats” acknowledgement. With my clients, we check weekly and send personalized direct messages customized to the individual - based on the type of connection. New jobs and promotions work both ways. New jobs come with initiatives, budgets and clean slates. Jobs left come with replacements so look at both sides of the equation.

  • Always always always personalize your invite. Monthly review your pending that are 3 weeks or older and remove them. You can circle back in 3 weeks to re-invite.

  • Identify who in your industry is publishing great content on LI that is getting good engagement. Bookmark at least 5 of these “amplifiers” and engage with their content. Don’t just use reactions as that is passive. Add an insightful comment. Comments are how people learn. It’s how you can stand out.

  • And if you post something make sure you respond to each and every comment. Imagine meeting someone and they say something to you and you ignore them. That’s what it’s like when not responding to comments.

  • Make sure you have a company page. No excuse as it takes less than 5 minutes to create. Company pages are allocated between 100 and 250 invites per month. Be sure to use your allocation as it resets each month.

  • Always grow your network - you can curate your audience by looking at speakers, who is prolific on LinkedIn, etc. But make sure you are adding quality people because it impacts everything on LinkedIn.

If you’d like to connect with me on LinkedIn, be sure to mention this post in your personalized invite. I look forward to getting to know you.