Curious what Agencies are Using for Influencer/UGC Vetting

Good Monday morning everyone. I have an informal chat coming up later this week with an agency that mostly works with paid ads, but they are exploring more of the IG/TikTok UGC/Influencer models. I would like to bring some good value to them in our chat – I have a lot of general information for them, but what I’d LOVE to show are some data or successful campaign stats. Anyone want to share? Also, what are your experiences with programs like and things like the TikTok Creator fund etc.

I realize this is a big ask - but hoping someone will share a few insights with me – MUCH appreciated.


This sounds like a question for some of our @Agency @Instagram_Experts @TikTok-Experts

Space Friends…can anyone add any insights?


Hi - I’m happy to chime in here as we’ve done research and executing on a influencer campaign for a client.

Before I dive in. Make sure you have a vision for why you are doing your campaign (in general).

Many of the platforms will highlight price per post and also engagement percentages.

Depending on your particular campaign you may want micro influencers all the way up to full blown influencers.

The reason why I like the platform route is that you get fairly decent dashboards and reporting.

Budget wise: I’m seeing anywhere from 3500 per campaign or a few had annual fees of 7k to 12k a year.

One platform that we ran a product demo user generated campaign is now offering more robust campaigns.


I recently did demos with:

Stack Influence - very much run like it’s own agency. (product focused and leans heavy toward Amazon)

++ very good demographic and psychographics. We are now going to run a 100 micro influencer fitness campaign.

  • also leans more toward micro influencers.

Affable very much seems like the heavy lifting

  • Affable helps you find new influencers, reach out to them and measure the ROI of influencercampaigns.
  • You can search by previous brand collaborations and see what influencers have spoken about other brands.
  • You can find influencers using hashtags, interests, number of followers, influencer and audience demographics.
  • The platform saves stories beyond 24 hours and you are able to download them at any given time.
  • The platform has an inbuilt CRM to manage each and every content of the influencers so that you don’t need to manage spreadsheets.
  • The platform also gives you a report on the influencer’s each post so that you can analyse them.
  • The platform helps you to see when an influencer tagged a particular brand and which post was it.
  • The data of every influencer are being refreshed twice a week.
  • Reports of the campaign can be refreshed at any given time by the user.

TikTok Creator Marketplace - takes a bit of time but lots of options with suggested rates

Lastly - this is interesting for the affiliate marketing opportunities that can also leverage influencers.

LTK - broad selection of products t catagories and good base of influencers that will cross post across their socials. Commission level of 10-15%.


Thank you so much for this generous answer, Peter @ChiefCoffeeDrinker (great username). Much appreciated. I’m familiar with LTK (as a consumer…) and Creator Marketplace, but being from the organic social space for the last 10 years, I know I can add to their understanding of the consumer social environment, but need to fill in some holes with tools and influencer sets up - which you have given me. I really appreciate it. The more I explore all of this, the more I want to be an influencer/UGC person myself :slight_smile: Thank you again.


My pleasure Phyllis @phylliskhare - My advice would be to set up demos with a few of the platforms and pick up a bit more around the language and what each one could offer for your clients. As an example - we went with Stack Influence because they did a campaign with Venus Williams around her product (who knew).

Unsolicited - Affable has a solid product … it is more hands on than what I could do for now…thats the other reason we went with Stack Influence. Having said that - if you are wiling to dive in, I would go with them.


Super nice to connect with you here … we have a similar vintage of organic social experience :slight_smile: