Cross-posting Blog Content as an Article on LinkedIn

Is there a downside to taking an existing blog post and repurposing it as an article on LinkedIn?

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I don’t see any. It probably is a good idea. Might be able to put some points of the original blog on linkedin and then link the original blog in the post and send traffic that way.

In my eyes it just brings in more people that may have not seen your original blog to begin with vs taking away eyes from the original blog post because they read it on LinkedIn instead.


@LinkedIn_Experts, what say you…is there a downside to posting an existing blog post as an article on LinkedIn? Appreciate your thoughts!

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I do not really see a downside per se, however, be certain that you identify the original blog post within the LinkedIn post. The reason for this suggestion is to prevent any of their systems from identifying it as a plagerized post (or a reader from doing so).


No downsides, whatsoever, provided that you do it in the order that you mentioned. Post the blog post on the site you own first, then wait until Google indexes it (so your site gets the SEO credit for the content), and then publish it as an article on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn doesn’t need more SEO value - it’s already a behemoth of a site in Google’s eyes. Content you create should be credited to your site where you make infinitely more money when traffic goes there, instead of going to LinkedIn.


I’ve done this in the past. Never noticed an issue. But I have found that I get more views on LinkedIn than on my actual blog!

You might want to even consider setting up a LinkedIn Newsletter and using blog posts as part of that which may increase readership and reach even more!