Crisis Communication: The resources YOU need!

Wanted to give everyone a couple of quick resources in case you need to pause your social media content in the event of a crisis.

ps If you’ve got any tips or have learned anything that might help others…please share below!

From @thetwolauras Planning for “Operation London Bridge” (the death of Queen Elizabeth II)

From @AnnaEllis Creating A Social Media Crisis Comms or Incident Plan

From @brooke1 When Saying Nothing is the Best Social Media Conversation Strategy

When to Pause Your Social Media Channels – a great Agorapulse resource

Your Guide Through a Social Media or PR Crisis – an agency playbook from Agorapulse

If you are an Agorapulse client, there is a Help Document that walks you through how to stop your scheduled content.


These are great resources - crisis management is so important - not just pausing socials but making sure if posts are made they are respectful. Nothing worse that those who immediately post using trending hashtags around a sensitive topic just for the views.


This is an excellent set of resources. I would also recommend the book - The 18 Immutable Laws of Corporate Reputation by Ronald J. Alsop.


Thanks for sharing @Scott added that to my book list💪🏼

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I’ve been talking about this subject with clients on a regular basis over the years. Nothing really prepares you for bad news, especially when it comes out of the blue. But having an experienced, professional to guide you through difficult times is part of the added-value that we bring. Clients often don’t really appreciate this until they need it.

The death of Her Majesty The Queen was certainly a time when my clients felt they didn’t know what to do or how to respond as a business. In today’s 24-hour ‘always on’ mode of marketing, no-one wants to appear crass or insensitive, but unfortunately some brands were slated for their poorly thought-out responses.

It’s definitely worth having at least an annual review with clients about crisis management.


thanks for adding your insight here @joanna1

Any suggestions on what to include on the annual review?

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