🎥 Creating FOMO Around Your Events (May King Tsang)

May King Tsang

May King Tsang is a self-styled “FOMO Creator,” creating content and demand before, after, and during events all over the world.

We caught up with May King at #kickstart-dublin and asked her what FOMO is, how to create FOMO around events, and why it’s so important to do so.

Find May King at https://www.fomocreator.social

What Is FOMO?

So FOMO, for you who are not down with the kids, means the “fear of missing out”—and in business, it’s a good thing!

We want to get our lurkers—because let’s face it, we’ve all got lurkers on social media, right? We want to get our lurkers so excited, so buzzed about what we do, that when the time is right for them, they’ll get in touch with you. And that’s what FOMO Creating is all about.

How do you create FOMO?

FOMO can come in three parts:

1. Pre-FOMO

Pre-FOMO is about creating buzz and excitement before your event or a launch.

Walk people through it, show behind the scenes of what they’re about to get into. If it’s an event you’re promoting, tell people what to expect. Maybe do interviews with speakers and sponsors, people who’ve bought their tickets, ask them why they’ve bought their tickets.

That’s the kind of FOMO content that you want to put out there to get those lurkers excited so that they think, “Ah, this sounds amazing, I need to book on to this event!”

2. Live FOMO

At the event itself is the best time to create some epic content.

Encourage the attendees, speakers, and sponsors to create good content. Also, get a FOMO creator (like yours truly!) to create live content. We want to capture those real moments that show the true essence of how epic your event, product, your service launch is: that is what live FOMO is all about! It can be created on any platform, whether that is Instagram stories, Facebook Lives, LinkedIn posts, tweets—you can create live FOMO using all of that.

3. Post-FOMO

This is a selection of the kind of things that you’ve missed if you weren’t there.

Post-FOMO is about collecting that live FOMO content that you’ve got and packaging it up together
and reminding people what they’ve missed out on: maybe a collection of some of the tweets from some of the speaking events that you’ve had and compiling it into a blog post. Maybe doing interviews of people who’ve attended after the product launch or service launch or event, again, asking their thoughts about it, because your lurkers are like the attendees of your event. So if you get interviews with them or get really great content from them, your lurkers are going to think, “Ah,
I’m like that person too. I missed out. I need to book on to the next event.”

What kind of difference can FOMO make to your business?

It can make so much difference!

Anybody can create a polished video and say how amazing the event is—get all the bloopers,
get all the edits, and make it really polished and beautiful, right?

But you cannot fake authenticity. You cannot fake the true excitement that people have experienced when they’re at an event or a product launch or service launch.

And when you’re interviewing people, when you’re capturing those moments on Twitter and Instagram stories, that’s the true essence; that’s real, raw, right now. And you can’t fake that.

So if people are having a good time, if they’re learning a lot from your conference and you’re capturing those moments, then your lurkers are going to get excited about that. So it’s really important to capture that FOMO and get people so buzzed and excited about it.

The best time to market your next event is at this one. So if you don’t have a dedicated someone to create FOMO live at your conference, then you’re definitely missing out!

May King Tsang @mayking
Hello everyone,
my first name’s May King and I’m on the socials as @maykingtea
I’m the #FOMOCreator who creates buzz excitement for conferences, festivals workshops thru live social media content

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Such great stuff, May King! Definitely keeping all of your tips in mind as my team builds up to Social Media Day Wichita! We have a really awesome event planned this year, and we’re just hoping the buzz that we’re trying to stir will bring a super fun and engaged community of folks to our event. Thanks for sharing your brilliance!


I am always learning from you @mayking ! FOMO is real. had to get to #SMMW22 this year because of it. Need to get to Atomic across the pond at some point as well. Those who understand how to create FOMO, win! :+1: