Creating Consistent (jaw dropping) AI Generated Content That Compels and Sells (Wendy Barr)

Wendy Barr

It’s time to Activate Your aiBrand!

It’s not enough to have a great business idea, not even enough to turn on your “OPEN” sign… You need to tell the whole world 24/7 just how fabulous and helpful and perfect you are for your ideal client so that they find it irresistible to consider working with you
versus your competition.

When it comes to marketing your business, having a clear brand voice and personality is essential for standing out in a crowded market. Your brand voice is the unique personality and values that shine through in your messaging and tone. By teaching ChatGPT what your brand voice should sound and feel like, you ensure that your AI-generated content aligns with your values and tone, creating a powerful and consistent brand identity that builds trust and loyalty with your customers.

Without a clear brand voice, your AI generated content and marketing efforts can fall flat, leaving your target audience feeling confused or disengaged. However, by establishing a unique brand voice, you can connect with your audience in a way that speaks directly to their needs and desires. This means that they’re more likely to engage with your content, share it with others, and ultimately, become loyal customers.

When you teach ChatGPT to understand your brand foundation and voice, you can create content that resonates with your audience and speaks directly to their needs. This leads to higher engagement rates and, ultimately, more conversions.

Teaching your AI Assistant what your brand voice and personality should sound and feel like is essential for creating relevant and compelling marketing content that resonates with your target audience, compels and sells. This differentiation will set your business apart from the competition. So, where do you start?

First, get their attention with a compelling brand awareness campaign - then back it up with Consistent, Relevant Communication in a variety of formats:

  1. Social Media allows you to have engaging and interactive experiences in real time, but it’s hard to directly convert these convos to $$ on the initial visit… That being said, if your content doesn’t speak in your brand voice, you’re just adding to the noise.

  2. Paid Advertising is always an option and Open AI allows for simple and streamlined A/B testing to make sure that you are hitting the mark. But, it will only stand out and grab the attention of your ideal client if it’s on brand.

  3. Personal Connections via in person and virtual networking events can help you to identify and hone in on your ideal prospects unique characteristics so that you can share this information with your AI Assistant. Get out there, introduce yourself and get to know what people are really looking for from you and your business.

  4. Reuse & Recycle your content every day in every way. Pull out a piece of an article or story or training you created and use it in social media or to create an impactful video. Share your Mission, Vision and Core Values, everywhere, all the time.

Can you think of any other ways that work for you that aren’t already listed here?

Let’s be honest, these all have their place in business development - BUT - none of them work unless… wait for it… (the clue is in the name of the tip)… you are CONSISTENT!

Having a Brand Voice Profile at your fingertips is crucial when you are creating AI generated content.

Consistency: When you teach your AI Assistant (ChatGPT) who you are as a brand, you can ensure that your messaging and marketing content is speaking in your brand voice and tone consistently across all channels and touchpoints.

Personalization: When your AI assistant understands your ideal client avatar, intimately, AI can help you personalize your marketing content to better meet the needs and preferences of your target audience. And, by understanding what makes your brand unique, AI can tailor content to better resonate with varying segments of your audience.

Scalability: As a business grows, generating marketing content that is both relevant and effective can become increasingly challenging. Branded AI can help you scale your marketing efforts while maintaining relevance, interest, and quality. Insights: AI branding can provide valuable insights into what types of content and messaging resonate with customers. By analyzing data from various sources, AI can help business owners refine their marketing strategy over time.

Time & Efficiency: AI can help you automate various aspects of your marketing, such as content creation, scheduling, and distribution. By leveraging branded AI to create content, as a business owner, you can save time, energy, and money, freeing you up to focus on serving clients.

Innovation: AI can help you stay ahead of the curve by identifying new trends and
opportunities in the market. By analyzing data and experimenting with different types of content at lightning speed, AI can help you identify new and innovative ways to connect with and serve new clients.

This IS your time to shine; there are people out there that need you! It’s your responsibility to IMPACT THE WORLD with your unique brand of brilliance.

So, fire up your laptop and get busy, but get it right the first time by building a brand voice that speaks volumes to who you are so that you can create jaw-dropping, on-brand content that compels and sells!

Brands that last are ones built on reliable and consistent delivery of product, information, and value, supported by reliable and consistent messaging to remind customers that you are the solution, the holy grail, the missing piece of the puzzle they are trying desperately to solve.

If you really want to compete in your marketplace, and especially if you want to be called an industry leader, you need a solid plan of action around your business messaging.

Let’s get started!

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Let’s tell the world about your brand!

Wendy Barr
Wendy Barr is a visionary CEO and innovative Brand Strategist with a passion for cutting-edge branding techniques. As the founder of Barrcode Branding, Wendy has established herself as a leading authority in the industry, helping businesses create powerful brand identities that connect emotionally with humans.

With her pioneering approach to human branding and artificial intelligence, Wendy is at the forefront of the next wave of brand strategy. She firmly believes that building a successful brand is about connecting with people on a human level, and that technology can play a key role in achieving this.

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