Create AI Audio Short Form Videos with ElevenLabs & Canva [Molly Mahoney]

Molly Mahoney

Note this article has been edited with additional details, screenshots and videos added as SMP Community Manager, Deb Mitchell attempted this process

Ever need a video with voice-over? Or don’t want to record one? @thepreparedperformer shows her amazing process of using an AI-generated voice with Canva!

This a great way to use AI to expand your capacity for making videos for clients. Works great when you when you can add AI audio on top of photo, videos, or GIFs.

Here’s what Molly used:

ElevenLabs: voice cloning software that makes human-like voices. Not only can you can use existing AI model voices, but you can also clone your own voice in ElevenLab’s Voice Lab. You can add up to 25 samples and cloning gets better.

Molly took a copy from a past Facebook post and pasted that copy into Eleven Labs and then generated an audio file that Molly downloaded.

Make the Canva Video

Now hop over to Canva and create a document like this that uses a Instagram Story template. [Editor’s note: Deb created this screenshot as she followed Molly’s process.]

Record the Audio via ElevenLabs Instant Voice Cloning

You must subscribe to get access to Instant Voice Cloning. (notice pricing is based on characters per month)

As Deb followed Molly’s process, she discovered all her past video were too big so she opened them in Quicktime and exported only the audio to take over to ElevenLabs.

Watch this video for that process.

Then once you have the voice created…just type your copy into ElevenLabs and generate your audio file. Next upload the file into your Canva design. Deb walks you through how she did the next steps.

Deb’s final touches…CapCut captions added at the beginning only as she didn’t plan room on full speaker graphics…(done is better than perfect). Also added a trending song directly in Instagram!

Here’s Deb’s final piece (without the IG music)

Check out a promo video Molly made for this article that also showcases this idea! (Yes we used this on social!)

Molly Mahoney @thepreparedperformer
After creating a video that reached 1,000,000 people organically, she developed her “Go Live And Monetize” method helping businesses to get clients with video. Combining her social media expertise and twenty years of performance experience on stages from New York to Las Vegas, her most recent viral video hit a reach of 39 million! Molly has been featured by, ManyChat, Social Media Marketing World, Traffic & Conversion Summit, Inc magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and more. Her book Finding My Awesome allows kiddos of all ages to celebrate their unique sense of awesome and live a life of confidence & joy.

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Molly is always up on the latest and greatest. I love how she used AI to create the promo video. I think if you have a lot of b-roll and BTS content, you can amplify your efforts.

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When I first heard Molly talk about ElevenLabs - I went straight there and created a project. I initially started with ONE audio track I created in Audacity. I used a video script Ai had developed and created an awesome audio track for a new video for my channel. Then I created a SECOND audio sample using audacity that was more enthusiastic and now the resulting voice is much closer to my actual ALL CAPS voice - lol - Anyway, I’m thrilled with the result and process and hope to do many more in the future.

This is the first video with only ONE audio sample – Uncover the Secret to Life-Changing Habits with Phyllis Khare! - YouTube

I will share the second video with the two audio samples soon – still working on the visual part of that one :slight_smile:

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This was so detailed and well-explained! Thanks :blush:
Personally, I have used Eleven Labs before and the pricing was a bit much for an AI, right now I’m using the Wavel text to speech AI which provides similar services but in a more affordable range

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Hi @anniuseranni thanks for joining the discussion. Going to have to check out Wavel! Feel free to post an example you’ve created if you want!!