Community Voices: Space Friends share their current LinkedIn strategy. What's yours?

What’s your LinkedIn strategy?

Theresa Anderson @theresa

To add value and to follow a wide range of experts.

Kaz Eternal @eternalkaz

Share gaming and tech news, connecting with people in that space that will benefit from the news.

Stay in creator mode. Those that want to really connect - will. Otherwise I’m the one sending out the requests all the time. If they just follow me that’s enough, unless I see someone I want to connect with then I send them a connect request.

Eddie Garrison @EddieGarrison

It really differs from one brand to another, but we’ve seen the best success on LinkedIn with Newsletters & Videos over any form of content. A few other things we’ve seen work with consistent success are:

  • Driving traffic with or utilizing the “website” as more of a CTA to guide people to a freemium download, etc. to curate email/contact details for email campaigns.
  • Using the Featured section to have four (specifically) focused pieces of content there. Something along the lines of:
    • Newsletter Link
    • Apply For/Register Here
    • Industry Specific Article
    • Social Proof Link

Jeremy Linaburg @linaburgjeremy

If I am being totally honest, I don’t really have one. I focus so much on client work that I don’t have time to focus on our socials. I know that it’s a bad practice!

If I were to have a strategy I think it would consist of the following:

  • One educational post a week
  • One fun/personal post a week
  • One motivational/informing post a week

Rachel Moore @rachel1

In brief:
I target the right audience and those I network with.
Warm them up by liking and commenting on their posts before sending a connection request.
When they accept I contact them within the hour (if possible) to thank them and attached my free B2B e-Magazine, Coffee, Cake & Educate, which hopefully will have something in it that they find helpful, educational or of interest.
I add them to my email list.
If they are responsive I’ll see if they would like to have a quick Zoom 1-2-1.
If they decline, they are still in my email system and I will follow up with them that way, whilst continuing to like and comment on their future posts.

Troy Sandidge @FindTroy

A big part of an effective LinkedIn strategy comes down to consistency, conviction, and connection. In order for my content to be consistent, I need to have two things: 1) a steady flow of inspiration/insights to share 2) a way to multiply the content to expand volume. For my content to have conviction, it needs to be aligned with me to showcase my range and passion. And lastly, for it to connect, it has to be speaking in the language of my ideal audience.

Ed Troxell @EdTroxell

Right now, building a deeper connection with the connections that I already have by taking advantage of the video messaging option – sending private video messages to connections.

Richard van der Blom

Impossible question to ask and answer! It’s not something you write on the back of a newspaper. It should be part of your integrated sales and marketing strategy

Viveka von Rosen @viveka

When it comes to LinkedIn - you have to make sure you have a strong cohesive brand and that your Profile is a RESOURCE for your audience, and not a resume. Give people the confidence to hire you by showcasing that not only do you understand THEM and their needs, but that you have the resources to support them.

AJ Wilcox @aj1

Organically, I share as much expertise and value as I can with no expectation on getting business from it. (I’ve done this for long enough to see that karma always comes around.) LinkedIn rewards you for this handsomely by allowing your posts to go viral and reach many who haven’t heard about you before and will want to follow.

With LinkedIn Ads, I love to laser-target my ideal target prospects with content/offers that are helpful and valuable to them. Then I retarget those warmer audiences until they’re ready to schedule a meeting.

Ai Addyson-Zhang @aiaddysonzhang

Don’t be afraid of sharing long-form content on LinkedIn. Unlike many other platforms that are known for short-form content, LinkedIn stands out because of its ability to facilitate in-depth discussion about a topic. Some of my best performing content on LinkedIn is long-form, such as live interviews, text-only posts, articles, and documents. I do not post random content. Every piece of content I post on LinkedIn is strategic and aligned with my brand and leads to a clear goal. I am on LinkedIn to build my thought leadership and to generate leads. So my content clearly reflects these two goals. And as all social media platforms, you must be consistent in order to build a loyal following and healthy organic traffic.