Client Onboarding (Phyllis Khare)

Phyllis Khare

This piece is repurposed from the original Social Media Manager School, now Pulse Academy.

Questions to ask before you commit to working with a new client

Go through these questions and decide which ones are appropriate for your work. I like to have them in front of me as I interview the potential client. Many times they are answered during the interview process. It’s also a nice interface to use as a wrap-up to make sure everyone is on the same page.

You don’t have to ask these questions out loud! Just note their answers to other things and you’ll get your answers.

These questions are adapted from my book Social Media Marketing eLearning Kit for Dummies, p. 38-42

  1. Are you open to sharing the personal side of your business/product online?

  2. Are you OK with giving free advice (in posts and tweets) that do not pitch your services?

  3. Are you willing to engage in public conversations with relevant people in your niche online?

  4. Are you willing to learn ways of marketing that might be different from the ways you currently use?

  5. Are you (or the people in your marketing department) willing to take the time to work with me to develop all these online sites/landing pages/new social accounts/lead-gens?

  6. Do you have a regular time in your weekly/monthly schedule to meet with me for XX minutes?

  7. Do you have an advertising budget that can be adjusted to include some items I’m putting on the proposal? (You might need to list some of those items)

  8. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the least), how patient a person are you?

  9. Do you prefer to see color-coded charts or Excel files as your monthly/weekly reports?

  10. If I sent you a social task to complete (a personal reply to someone, or developing some bit of specific text) are you able to put it on your calendar to complete within 2 days?

  11. Regular communication: Email? Skype Instant Message? Facebook Chat? phone?

  12. Emergency communication: Email? Skype Instant Message? Facebook Chat? phone?

  13. I prefer direct deposits for monthly/weekly payments. Does that work for you?

  14. Are you willing to be on video? Is there someone in your company that is?

  15. How can I best access information about the company that I need to be sharing?

Client information to gather

Basic information

  • Name
  • Company name
  • Time zone
  • Address
  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Referred/how found
  • Package purchased

Social sites and passwords

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Blog
  • Other

Core business

  • Competitors
  • Needs

Access details for all relevant accounts

  • Existing Google Account Email for Google Drive (Purpose: we will share a Google folder with you containing all resources)
  • Assign Google Analytics access
  • Assign Google Page admin
  • Assign Youtube access
  • Facebook personal profile
  • Facebook business page (Assign access via Facebook Business Suite)
  • Facebook Group (Assign admin access to us)
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn Personal Profile
  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Others
  • Any existing social media management dashboards (such as Agorapulse)

Facebook Page
If you would like us to set any of the following up, and you feel comfortable, you would give us your ‘personal’ Facebook profile username and password and we will effect the following changes on your behalf, with the undertaking not to do anything else with your login. We would recommend you change your password after we have done the changes. Otherwise, you can do the changes yourself:

  • Do you have a Facebook business page?
    • If not, would you like us to create one?
  • Do you have a Facebook ad account?
    • If not, click link then “Create Ad” to set up, or provide us with your personal Facebook login and password and we’ll do this step for you.
  • If we are setting up your Facebook ad account, we will require your credit card details. (Note: these details will be deleted once we have set up the card. Feel free to phone through these details if you are worried about security.)
    • Credit card number (phone or email it separately to us for security)
    • Name on card
    • Expiration date on card:
    • CV code on card:
    • Full mailing address of card statement:
  • Do you have Facebook Business Suite?
  • Are you happy to move your Facebook Ads Account and your Facebook Page to Facebook Business Suite?
  • Do you have Facebook Pixels installed? (If not, we will provide you with code to give your website developer to install. This code will allow us to build a custom audience of people that visit your website.)

Ideal target audience

Who is your ideal target prospect audience? If only one person was to do business with you, who would that person be? Be as specific as possible:

  • Age?
  • Gender?
  • Location?
  • Married?
  • Children?
  • What problems keep them up at night?
  • What are their interests?
  • What magazines do they read?
  • What TV shows do they watch?

Social media purpose

Most activity on social media can have only one primary “goal” or result. To help us understand your focus, can you give each a rank 1 to 6 your goals for social media marketing:
1 is the most important, insert N/A if not at all important:

  • Sales of products/services on your website:
  • Traffic to your website:
  • Grow the numbers of fans/followers:
  • Grow your email database/warm leads:
  • Increase awareness for your business/products:
  • Building authority as a leader in your industry:
  • Increase word-of-mouth/social sharing/reach:

Social media networks

  • List 5 “influencers” or respected thought leaders in your industry, experts that actively promote the types of products and services you provide and that you’d be happy for us to share relevant content from.
    (Purpose: influencer marketing, sharing content from trustworthy sources and build relationship with influencers.)

  • List 5 “allied” websites or businesses that have the same target audience as you but aren’t in direct competition to you, that you’d be happy for us to share relevant content from.
    (Purpose: using other business’s content and networks to reach more people.)

  • List 5 “competitor” websites or businesses that have the same target audience as you, that are your direct competition, and whose content you don’t want us sharing.
    (Purpose: monitor what the competition is doing and what is working for them.)

Social media content

Valuable content is key to great social media results. What content, blog articles, text, images, photos, videos, articles etc do you have that we can use/share through social media?

  • Providing the following will be helpful:
    • High-resolution business logo
    • Details of corporate colors
    • Any special brand fonts
    • Provide stock images/photos for use in branding
  • Do you have a free download?
  • What “voice” would you like to project on social media? (e.g… casual and friendly or professional)
  • Will your “voice” be the same across all profiles? (e.g. LinkedIn: professional; Facebook: casual and fun)

Email database funnel

Building a database of prospect’s emails and marketing to them via an email autoresponder is a very powerful strategy.

  • Would you like to grow your email database? There are strategies we can implement to help grow your database.
  • Do you have an email autoresponder (for newsletters, etc.)?
  • Do you have a email nurture funnel set up? (This could be a series of emails that are sent to new email subscribers.)
    • If so, please provide the URL, username and password:

Marketing tools

  • Do you have access to any applications that you use in your current digital marketing?
    • Email responder (eg MailChimp, etc.)
    • Leadpages
  • Any stock image subscriptions?
  • Facebook Ads automation (e.g. Adspresso)?
  • Facebook Apps (eg Woobox, Heyo, etc.)?

Next Week: Client Offboarding

Phyllis Khare @phylliskhare
I’m the original Co-Founder of Social Media Manager School, now powered by Agorapulse and re-designed here in the Social Media Pulse Community.

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What else would you include when onboarding a new client?

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These tips are great, @phylliskhare! I especially love the idea of questions to ask a client before you even commit to working with them.

I also like to ask clients their preferred method of file storage, management, transfer, etc. Some are comfortable with cloud-based systems, while others prefer email. I like to know that information up front.


Thanks @ruthbinman - and I could add about 20 more questions to that list depending on the potential future client. You can uncover so many interesting things to consider by asking questions.

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