[Check-in: October] What are your wins? What are you working on? Accountability Progress Post

Hi everyone!

Happy October! Let’s kick off the final quarter of 2022 strong!
What are you going to accomplish this month?

Here’s your October Accountability challenge…

  • Feel free to share your goals and plans for the day/week, then check back in.
  • Share your wins!
  • Celebrate a new client.
  • Ask for suggestions for challenges.
  • Shout from the rooftop that you’ve finished your client reporting.
  • Heck, add photos of your summer adventures!
  • Start a TikTok account finally? Let us know!

You can post daily…post every week…post only on Mondays or Fridays. Whatever you need and works for you!

Can’t wait to hear all the cool stuff happening!

Don’t forget that research shows that when someone publicly shares their goals, they have around a 65% chance of success. However, having a specific accountability partner boosts that chance to 95%…so I’m betting an accountability community…we’ll each be at a 99.5% chance of success!

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A big win for us last month was all the KPI’s and goals we set for a new brand we began working with last month were met and exceeded! It’s always great sending those first reports showing how much of an increase they had across the board on certain KPI’s/Metrics/Goals…Especially since we took over their social media platforms from another agency!


BIG News!!! That’s great @EddieGarrison! What would you say you did to move the needle the most?


Cheers @deb One of the biggest thing, and this happens 90% of the time, is that their previous agency or internal personnel never actually had any sort of plan mapped out for their content/social media strategy. Having that in place, following it & adjusting for trends we see in content moving forward always garners great results right up front.


Social Media Pulse BTS @christine and I have been working really hard on gathering guests for next month’s mission! Excited by the response we have had. This week is all about gathering content and then creating a content plan to know what launches when.
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Just a quick shoutout to one of our Space Friends who just got a new job! Congrats @JonathanDGaby

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